2018 Bright Start Winter Olympics!

Today, our students represented the United States of America at the 2018 Winter Olympics downstairs in the Giant Room.

In preperation, each of the three classes (Pre-K, Threes, and Twos) made their own class flags to celebrate the occasion.  We used these flags when we paraded around the Giant Room with our room's flag. 

After the Opening Ceremony, we broke into three groups (by class) and competed in three events.  First, we took off our shoes and contested the figure skating competition.  Second, we shifted to the speed skating arena, where we cheered on our classmates as they raced for the gold medal!  Last, we traveled to the luge, using scooters to race around the "icy" track.

Gold medals were awarded, photos were taken, and then our Closing Cerenmony commenced!  Ironically, we marched from the Giant Room back to the classrooms...outside in the seventy degree weather :-/ !!! 

Megan Meade