Why Do Families Choose Bright Start?

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Why do families choose bright start…

Our Curriculum:  Our curriculum is designed to give our students a leg-up when they get to elementary school.  Our developmentally-appropriate combination of play-based learning and direct instruction has been well-received by local Kindergarten teachers, who feel our children are well-prepared for the rigours of their programs.  This is in large part because we mold our curriculum to echo the surrounding districts’ programs, so our students are familiar with their processes before they even get there.

Family Environment:  Bright Start is a family.  Our employees have worked together for many years.  They all live in the area with significant ties to the community.  You might see one of our teachers at the supermarket on the weekend or at the local Street Fair. 

Additionally, our school encourages family interaction at events like our Fall Family Picnic, Halloween Celebration, or our Graduation Ceremony. 

Lastly, Bright Start promotes camaraderie between our classes through school-wide celebrations, like our silly days during the Week of the Young Child, and special events, like our Thanksgiving Feast or Polar Express Day.

Flexible Scheduling:  Bright Start does not require you to pay for the facilities' hours, five days all-day, including summers, even if you don’t need it.  Instead, you set the schedule that's best for your family. If you only need three mornings a week, that’s all you pay for. Are you off during the summers? You aren’t required to enroll for those two months.

Certified Teachers: Both our three-year-old and Pre-Kindergarten programs are taught by state-certified teachers.  All of our employees are highly-trained caregivers, who complete ongoing professional development to further refine their skill sets.  Teacher turnover is minimal.

No Corporate Bureaucracy:  Our owners are on-site every day.  If you have an issue, it can be resolved on our premises without having to navigate a complicated web to a corporate headquarters stationed many states away.

Adjustable Daily Schedules:  Our daily schedules and topics of instruction are flexible, rather than part of a strict minute-by-minute itinerary mandated by headquarters.  If it's a beautiful day, we adjust our activities to take advantage.  Is our class obsessed with panda bears this year?  We may choose to read some extra books, run a live feed from a zoo, and do a craft to celebrate that excitement.  We are not bound by a corporate national curriculum that doesn't reflect the needs and interests of our specific population.

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