Our Facility

Bright Start Early Learning Center is a state-licensed preschool facility.  Our preschool houses five separate classrooms, along with an expansive outdoor playground and a large multi-purpose room that we utilize in many different ways throughout the school year. 

All of our teachers are First-Aid, CPR, and AED certified through the American Heart Association and are trained in the use of Epi-Pens.  Our school has an AED (defibrillator) on the premises. 

Bright Start is a nut-free school.

How to Find our Front Door:

When you come up the Church's driveway, drive toward the building and make a left, traveling along the length of the building.  At the end, you'll see where our cars park.  Look back from the parking lot toward the building, and you'll notice two red doors.  That's us!  Come ring our doorbell (there for security purposes) and listen for the click.  We can't wait to meet you!

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The Classrooms

When you walk into any of our classrooms, you will find a spacious, colorful room, often organized by "learning centers" that can include block play, dramatic play, sand/water play, computers, reading, coloring/writing, puzzles, and many more.  Each room is designed to help your child not only feel at home, but to encourage their natural curiosity and support their learning.

Shelves are stocked with age-appropriate manipulatives that develop those tiny muscles needed to strengthen their fine motor skills, like cutting and writing.  Our rooms house extensive book collections to foster an early love of reading.    Arts and craft supplies abound, ready to encourage your child's creative side.  We love to fill our hallways with their work, showcasing the beautiful artwork made by our tiny hands!


Our Playground

We are extremely lucky to have a beautiful park-like playground located in the back of our building.  It houses a jungle gym, a Big Dinosaur slide, many small playhouses, and an over-sized sandbox.  We love to watch our students develop their physical coordination, strength, and flexibility throughout the years.  It’s also a fantastic place for them to hone their social and emotional development and build self-esteem through free and spontaneous play, one of the most beneficial types of play children can engage in during their preschool years.  

We also provide smaller toys, like balls, hula hoops, and toy trucks for the children to utilize during their play.  Our sandbox helps children learn to build with a different medium while practicing their measuring and cause and effect skills.  Lastly, this playground provides a wonderful place to foster a love for the outdoors through healthful activity. 


The "Giant Room"

Our facility includes a spacious “Giant Room” that serves multiple purposes. 

Our physical education class with Coach Rick and our creative movement class with Mrs. Megan both take place in this area, giving them a large amount of room to get the wigglies out during those long winter months!  

Additionally, the Giant Room is used to showcase our children during our annual Christmas Sing-a-Long program and later in the year for our Pre-K graduation ceremony. 

And if the kids are really lucky, it is converted into a large driving area for our Little Tikes Cozy Coupes during those long winter months!