Roseland Fire Department Visits Bright Start!

Today, the Roseland Fire Department visited our children. They had so many interesting things to tell us about.

The visiting firefighters told us about the sound fire detectors make, so we aren’t scared when we hear one come on. We had so much fun covering our ears, waiting for the sound!

They also showed us to Stop, Drop, and Roll, and we giggled at the firefighter as he rolled around on the floor.


Then, a firefighter dressed up in his gear. Now, we know what a firefighter looks like all dressed up and how his voice sounds if we saw him during an emergency. We know to yell for help and not run away or hide.


Then, we met Sparky the Firefighting Dog. We loved petting him and giving him high-fives.

After was the best part. We each climbed into a real-life fire truck. We sat in the seats just like real firefighters do!

Thank you so much for visiting our preschool!

Megan Meade