October Newsletter

Bright Start is off to a great start!  The children are adjusting to their new classrooms and schedules, and have begun working on their Fall projects.  We welcome our new staff member, Cathy Furino, who will be assisting in the Three's and the Baby Room.

Our Yankee Candle school fundraiser will be starting soon.  Fundraisers help fund our weekly physical fitness program with Coach Rick and our creative movement class with Mrs. Megan.  Participation is always voluntary.  All funds are used to enhance our programs and benefit your child.

Halloween will be celebrated on Tuesday, October 31st.  Children who do not usually come on Tuesdays are invited to attends from 9:20 to 11:00am to be part of their classroom party.  Please let your teacher know if your child will be attending.  We are planning abn outside Halloween parade for 9:30 that morning.  Parents may view the parade standing behind the roped off areas and on the grass alongside the paved road behind the school building.  ALl the classes will be taking part.  Costumes should be worn to school that day, but please avoid masks, as they obstruct the child's vision and may be frightening to some children.  No weapons please.  Please bring a change of clothes for you child.  If you would like to bring a special snack for the Halloween party, please speak to your child's teacher.

Our website, www.brightstart-elc.com has lots of valuable information about the teachers, programs, and calendar of events.  For information regarding school snow closings, check our Facebook page, or call the school phone number, 973.226.2886.  A delayed opening will begin at 9:30AM.

To prevent the spread of illness, we encourage you to wash your child's hands upon arrival at school each morning.  Remember to keep sick children home.  A child who has been ill must be a symptom and fever-free for 24 hours without Tylenol before returning to school.

All enrolled students are required to have a flu shot by December 31st.  Please submit written documentation when your child receives one.  All Universal Health Records and up to date Immunization Records are required by the State to be submitted to Bright Start.

All the classes will be enjoying a visit with a dental hygenist from Dr. Jones' office on Wednesday, October 18th.  It will be a fun and informative lesson on dental care.

Dance with Mrs. Megan starts THursday, October 5th.  Coach Rick has already started his weekly visits.

The Roseland Fire Department and Sparky will be visiting this month to teach us about fire safety.  The date will be announceed.  All will be invited to attend.

Red Day was fun!!  Orange day is coming!  Tuesday, October 17th is Orange Day.

Our 10th annual Bright Start picnic was a huge success.  With perfect weather, there were over 100 people in attendance.  It was great seeing everyone and a fun time was har by all.  Thank you for comming and uspporting Bright Start.

Please sing in upon arrival and sign out upon departure.  It is a state requirement.

Please return all lunch menus, payments, and important papers to the blue basket in the school office.

If there is ever any question or concern regarding your child, please do not hesitate to speak to us.  We love being a part of your child's day.

Nancy and Ava

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