December Events

Santa Claus will be coming to Bright Start to visit all the classrooms on Wednesday, December 6th.  All children are invited to attend.

Wednesday, December 13th will be Polar Express Day.  Children are invited to wear their pajamas to school while they enjoy a relaxed morning of riding the Polar Express and drinking hot chocolate.  All children are invited to attend.

On Wednesday and Thursday mornings, December 20th and 21st, the children from Bright Start will be singing songs of the season downstairs in the big room.  The singing will begin at 9:30am.  It will be an inofmral gathering and participation by the children is voluntary.  Please come and enjoy the musical presentation.  The program will be over by 10:00am.  Anyone needing a handicap accessible enterance to the big room may enter from the back doorways.

Friday, December 22nd Bright Start will be closing at 1:00PM.

Megan Meadenewsletter